At our core, Parish is a family business with a heart for community. We live to serve others and to equip farmers with the tools they need to provide for their families and communities. Through our products and services, we want people to feel connected to the land, to their work, and to one another.
Life begins on the land. Community begins with the farmer. At Parish Tractor, we provide products, services, and support for the cultivated life. We work with every type of farmer–from the industrial agriculture expert to the urban farming enthusiast–to help them do what they do best: cultivate life. Parish prioritizes relationships, invests in innovation, and champions the passion of every farmer. Parish Tractor: Cultivating Community.


A company committed to our People, Products, Profitability & Principles which allows us to be more than just a tractor store. We are passionately committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products, most innovative solutions, and services delivered with integrity and professionalism.


Part of our mission statement that matters the most.


Exceeding expectations in quality and consistency.


Pushing our boundaries to reach new heights to help drive us forward.


Keeping our company culture rooted by our core values.



Customized and build your ideal tractor, mower, utility vehicle, or other piece of Parish Tractor equipment to fit your individual needs. Choose from our recommended pre-builds, or fully customized your own build in our Bundle Builder - available only at Parish Tractor.
Farming demands innovation. Parish offers superior products, services, and financing to the farmers we serve. We pour talent and resources into innovative technology. We are dedicated to offering Kubota, a premier farming brand with exceptional financing and support, to the farmers and hobby farmers who breathe life into our communities.
Did you know that if you tend to your land, you’re a farmer? Parish provides tools and resources for farmers of every kind. Whether you have a patch of land in your backyard or an entire agricultural operation under your supervision, Parish celebrates and supports you, the farmer.